Restaurant Restroom Spying And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Restaurant's Restroom Spying: Remember when Starbucks employees were getting in trouble for recording people in their restrooms? Well, one Texas restaurant isn't even trying to hide it, placing security cameras in the bathroom (facing the sink) because of previous customers who have destroyed property. [Pix 11]

Vegetable's Natural Instinct: Who knew? Blueberries, cabbages, and more all have a natural clock that tells them when day and night is, which could change the effectiveness of antioxidants at a certain time of day. [Smithsonian]

Robert Sietsema's Strange Burgers: The critic does a roundup of the strangest burgers in New York. We want them all. [Eater]

Nigella Lawson Update: Word on the street is Lawson has been photographed without wearing her wedding ring, which could mean nothing at all. But in light of recent drama with her husband, the tabloids are all over it. [Jezebel]

Hangover Cures: Dogfish Head brewery's Sam Calagione shares his New York diet, which includes egg sandwiches. [Grub Street]