Restaurant Critic Roundup: Reading the Menu 'Like Popping Zolpidem' at The Grill Room

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The General

This week in restaurant reviews, The New York Times critic Pete Wells announces that his restaurant reviews will cover more than just the New York City area. This week, he recounts his travels to San Francisco, reviewing restaurant Saison. After two "maddening" visits, he is left with the same question, "How much are we willing to pay for an extraordinary dinner?"

In Washington, D.C., critic Tom Sietsema concludes that The Grill Room, the new restaurant of the Capella Washington, is "as exciting as its name: not very." The "terse" wine list is "actually irritating," and "reading the menu is like popping Zolpidem," he says. 

In New York, Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton reviews Carbone, where "your $400 date ... doesn’t begin with anything fancy," he says. "Instead, your waiter appears in a red Zac Posen tuxedo, looking and sounding like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny."

As always, the ratings range from stars to bells to beans, but every review offers specialized insight into the food, atmosphere, and service of eateries in each city’s dining scene and the critics eating at them.

Restaurant Critic Roundup: 5/1/2013

Critic Publication Restaurant Rating
Katie Johnston Boston Globe Aria Trattoria 2 stars
Michael Kaminer New York Daily News The General 3 stars
Ryan Sutton Bloomberg Carbone 3.5 stars
Pete Wells The New York Times Saison  
Michael Bauer San Francisco Chronicle Hutong 4 bells
Brad A. Johnson Orange County Register Juliette 3 stars
Tom Sietsema Washington Post The Grill Room  
William Porter Denver Post Hot Cakes 2 stars


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