Restaurant Critic Roundup: Hurricane Sandy Sheds Darkness on East Coast Dining Scene

Every week, The Daily Meal rounds up a slew of restaurant reviews across America

As always, the ratings range from stars to bells to beans, but every review offers specialized insight into the food, atmosphere, and service of eateries in each city’s dining scene and the critics eating at them.

This week in New York, and on much of the East Coast, things are just a little different. Hurricane Sandy caused many setbacks and mass destruction, keeping us from getting out the most up-to-date critic coverage these past two weeks. However, never fear. The Daily Meal has your back and the information that you need to know in the restaurant world as of late.

The New York Times critic Pete Wells calls New Yorkers to dine downtown, highlighting the darkness that enveloped the restaurant world for a few days last week in Sandy's wake. But before the hurricane, fellow critics honed in on establishments in Brooklyn.

Los Angeles critic Jonathan Gold reviewed Laurel Hardware just before Halloween, a trendy spot and actual former hardware store. In San Francisco, a second location of Nopalito suprised Michael Bauer, who was "happy to say my visits showed that the new Nopalito is every bit as good as its predecessor."

Elsewhere in the states, Denver critic William Porter also found satisfaction, talking of the  "clickety-clack of paddles meeting plastic table-tennis balls" at ACE, where "the food will resonate with you far longer, all in a good way." 

From the East Coast to the West Coast, from North to South, the weekly restaurant critic roundup is here for all of your dining out needs.

Restaurant Critic Roundup: 11/06/2012

Critic Publication Restaurant Rating
Devra First The Boston Globe Oak Long Bar + Kitchen 2.5 stars
Jonathan Gold The Los Angeles Times Laurel Hardware  
Victoria Pesce Elliott The Miami Herald Bâoli Miami 2.5 stars
Michael Kaminer The New York Daily News KTCHN  
Richard Vines Bloomberg La Vara 2.5 stars
Pete Wells The New York Times Talde 1 star
Michael Bauer The San Francisco Chronicle Nopalito No. 2 3 bells
Tom Sietsema The Washington Post Menomale  
William Porter The Denver Post ACE 2.5 stars

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