Your Lover's Making You Fat, Survey Says

Ugh, love. First it makes you all giddy inside, then it makes you just a bit jealous, and now it's making you gain weight? Let's just all be single forever.

The Daily Mail reports that a survey from Diet Chef has found that being in a relationship might be the biggest cause of weight gain; other things like eating way too much mashed potatoes over the holidays, or going through pints of ice cream post-break ups, pale in comparison.

According to the survey, 62 percent of responders said they gained weight after committing to a relationship; a little under 75 percent of participants said they thought their partners gained weight, too.

Apparently, the biggest problem women reported was when eating with their male boyfriends, they tended to match what their partner ate, meaning 56 percent of females polled ate portions larger than normal.

Dating activities also contributed to an increase in food intake; 30 percent said they spent most of their time in front of the television (yeahhhh Breaking Bad), while 21 percent ate at home. Others (20 percent) said that eating out formed the majority of their time together.

But of course, all of that sounds amazing to us. Drinking some wine with cheese and prosciutto while watching some quality (or trashy) television with someone pre-sexytimes? We'll definitely add on some few pounds for that happiness.