Registry Basics: Bar And Glassware

Having the proper glassware is a must for every household. We'll walk you through on the essentials to register for, then suggest some additional more decorative pieces and tools that you'll want to pull out when hosting a party or for another special occasion.

As a rule, we don't suggest spending tons of money on your everyday juice and tall drinking glasses — they will inevitably break. Pick a classic style that's easily replaceable and feels good in your hand. Then accent the basics with some more fun pieces to use for entertaining — we think any departure from using your everyday wine or water glasses marks an occasion as special.

While you don't need all of the glasses we mention (though if you have room...), be sure to have what suits your taste and style of entertaining. If wine and cheese nights are a common event, be sure to have plenty of wine glasses and water tumblers on hand (a decanter for that prize bottle of Port is good to have, too). Every newlywed couple should have Champagne flutes, too, for serving up bubbly brunch cocktails. If barbecuing in the backyard is more your style, a drink dispenser is essential. Love martinis and gimlets? Be sure to get some special martini glasses. And everyone should have a reliable bottle opener and ice bucket.

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