Redesigning The Food Label

Since the Center for Science in the Public Interest first urged the FDA to implement new labels for packaged foods in 2006, the food industry has gone through a series of trials and errors to find the best system. 

Recently, GOOD Magazine and the News 21 program at UC Berkley's Graduate School of Journalism teamed up to create an improved food label and asked the public to submit new design concepts by July 1st. The goal of their initiative, called Project: Rethink the Food Label, is to reform various issues such as the ability of manufacturers to add questionable ingredients to foods and confusing proportions and complicated terminology to labels. The panel of esteemed writers, nutritionists, and designers judging the entries includes author Michael Pollan and designer Andrew Vande Moere.

Though there's no doubt that the judges of Project: Rethink the Food Label have their work cut out for them, in an interview with News 21, Vande Moere, stated that he believes the best solution will be one that "better informs consumers in an informative as well as enjoyable way". 

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