Redditors Buy Young Cancer Patient Boxes of Pizza

After a cheeky sign on her hospital window, the hospital was flooded with boxes of pizza

Just in case you needed a pick-me-up in the middle of a Monday, here's a heartwarming story to remind yourself that there are actual human beings beyond a computer screen.

Gawker tips us off to this reddit post, where a redditor stumbled across a genius SOS written on the window of Los Angeles' Children's Hospital. The SOS (written in what looks like tape) said, "SEND PIZZA RM 4112." In room 4112, it turns out, was a 2-year-old girl named Hazel Hamemrsley, who is undergoing chemotherapy for stage 3 neuroblastoma.

Since then, redditors have sent at least 20 boxes of pizza to the hospital, enough for Hazel and plenty of other residents on the floor. "Hazel woke up from her nap to the smell of pizza and was so excited to chow down! Several other children and nurses came into the room, with music playing, and had themselves a wonderful Pizza Party," Hazel's mother wrote on the family blog. "As of yesterday evening, there was more than 20 boxes delivered and more was coming! We had such a great time!"

The sign, it turned out, was a joke created to amuse Hazel and her family, hoping it would brighten someone's day. After a couple of days, a photo popped up and went viral on reddit, and soon enough they had so much pizza, the hospital had to go to their own blog to say that "NO MORE PIZZA IS NEEDED."


Check out Facebook and the family's blog to see the heartwarming photos of the pizza party.