Record-Breaking Pink Salmon Harvest In 2013

The Alaskan salmon harvest of 2013 has been reported as the largest in history, with 219 million pink salmon comprising more than 80% of Alaska's total salmon harvest. The pink salmon alone was more than the predicted total for all five Alaskan salmon species combined, as set by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

A press release from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI), which is responsible for managing the Alaska Seafood brand family throughout 21 countries, noted that the total species count of 272 million salmon was valued at $691.1 million, second only to a 1988 harvest worth $724 million.

Pink salmon is the most abundant species as well as the smallest in size, with an average maximum length of 76 cm, while the Atlantic salmon is reported to reach a maximum of 150 cm, according to World Fishing Network. "This year's record-breaking harvest was especially exciting, and we're hoping to spread the word about the excellent taste and versatility of Alaska pink salmon. Pink salmon is the most affordable wild salmon species available and many consumers prefer its mild flavor," announced Tyler Fick, ASMI Communications Director.