Ranunculus Arrangement

Ranunculus Arrangement
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Ranunculus, which resemble small garden roses, have abundant layers of papery petals and feathery foliage. Unusual varieties with green centers or variegated petals add unexpected texture to bouquets. Their delicate, hollow stems are prone to rot, so the water level in the vase needs to be low. If the stems start to droop and bend, cut them very short and cluster them in a small vase in order to get a few more days from the blooms.
  • 6 stems of sweet pea, with foliage and tendrils
  • 7 stems of pineapple mint
  • 13 stems of ranunculus
  • 5 stems of veronica
  • 2 vintage-style fruit cans
  1. 1. Choose colorful cans that will complement the flowers' cheery palette. Line them with small jars if the cans aren't watertight.
  2. 2. Pull the sweet pea stems together into two small bunches, lining up the lowest level of leaves. The height of the stems will be uneven and natural. Trim the stems and place a bunch in each can so that the bottom foliage hits the rim.
  3. 3. Trim and add some mint to each can, filling in the empty spaces between the sweet peas.
  4. 4. Trim and add six ranunculus stems to each can so that the blossoms sit at slightly different heights above the base layer. Trim and add the remaining stem to the can on the left, leaving it long to echo the sweet pea bud on the right side. Finish by trimming and adding in the stems of veronica, placing a few in each can and turning the stems so that the spires arc in different directions.