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Pineapple Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe

For the Beach Bum: This sweet and fruity treat is buzzing with tropical flavor! Served in a mason jar, it’s perfect for an alfresco get-together or simply a little après beach day toast. Just simply add ice and shake before enjoying.


  • 2 Tablespoons honey, dissolved in a ¼ cup very warm or hot water
  • 1 Cup Little Black Dress Vodka’s Pineapple Honey flavor
  • 1/4 Cup freshly squeezed, lemon juice, strained

  • 1/2 Cup fresh lemon balm leaves, loosely packed

  • Dash of 2 dashes of bitters for each cocktail
  • club soda, to top off
  • Lemon slices


In a small pitcher add the vodka, honey water, and lemon juice. Add the lemon balm (or basil if more easily available) and muddle with a wooden spoon. Pour evenly into mason jars and add the 2 dashes of bitters to each and seal with lid to transport. Once ready to enjoy, add ice cubes and top off with club soda, garnish with lemon slices, and serve.