Banana Bears

Banana Bears
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Kids of all ages will enjoy creating these banana bears, and they won’t even notice that they’re eating fruit like blueberries and strawberries. Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy them! Recipe courtesy of Catherine McCord of Weelicious on behalf of Bolthouse Farms.
Banana Bears
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 teaspoon light whipped cream cheese
  • 16 mini chocolate chips
  • 8 blueberries, halved
  • 16 strawberries, tips cut off and sliced into small rounds
  1. Cut each banana into about 6-inch pieces across, then slice in half on an angle so that you have one flat side and one angled side. You should have 8 pieces from each banana.
  2. Place the cream cheese into a plastic sandwich bag and cut off one corner of plastic with scissors to create a mini piping bag.
  3. Place banana slices flat-side down with the angle side facing you.
  4. Pipe 2 small dots of cream cheese onto the front of the angle to create 2 eyes. Place 1 mini chocolate chip into each dot.
  5. Place a blueberry, sliced-side down, onto the banana to create a nose.
  6. Pipe 2 small dots of cream cheese onto the tops of the bananas pieces and press the strawberry tips to create ears.