Next Rebecca Black Makes the Best Thanksgiving Song Ever

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Listen as breakout YouTube star Nicole Westbrook sings about turkey and mashed potatoes
Nicole Westbrook

Rebecca Black may permanently hold claim to one of the catchiest, most annoying, most inane songs ever, but Nicole Westbrook's new single "Thanksgiving" is quickly approaching viral status.

Written and produced by Patrice Wilson, the same guy behind Ark Music Factory of Rebecca Black infamy, this holiday gem features Westbrook, who must be in her preteens, singing about how we should be thankful because it's Thanksgiving, and school is out. Sample lyrics? "December was Christmas/ January was New Year/ April was Easter/ and the Fourth of July/ but now it's Thanksgiving," sung by Patrice Wilson himself.

As for Westbrook's lyrics? "You know school is out/ I can shout / Thank you / Thank you/ Thank you." Watch below as Westbrook makes Thanksgiving dinner for her and a bunch of her friends (plus Wilson in a turkey costume). Be sure to stay for the rap breakdown, where Westbrook rhymes, "Gotta be grateful/ can't be hateful/ mashed potatoes on my (on my) table."

Her friends look super confused, but you know we'll all be singing this around our Thanksgiving tables this year.

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