Raise a Glass to Kelly Clarkson, Louisville, Ryan Gosling, and More

See who we’re toasting and why this week

It’s been a bit of a quiet week around town, but we’ve managed to conjure up quite a few reasons to raise our glasses. From Ryan Gosling to Carmelo Anthony, see who made the cut.

Cheers to… Jay-Z for his open letter — enough said. [ABC News]

Cheers to… Carmelo Anthony and his insane scoring skills this week.[Forbes]

Cheers to… Mila Kunis and Ryan Gosling for being named the most beddable stars by . Yep, that sounds about right.[Details]

Cheers to… Louisville, your NCAA Champions! [Huff Po]

Cheers to… Kelly Clarkson for practically freaking out upon meeting Mariah Carey on American Idol.[FUSE]

Cheers to… The Masters and its 14-year-old golfer contestant, Tianlang Guan.[Business Insider]

Cheers to… National Grilled Cheese Day in all of its ooey, gooey, cheesy glory. [The Daily Meal]

Cheers to… Justin Bieber’s newest music video for "All Around the World," in which, you guessed it, he goes all around the world. Man, we want to be him. [E!]

Cheers to… This lovely pairing — Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan — who took the red carpet together to promote their movie Scary Movie 5.[Variety]

Cheers to… Taylor Swift’s Diet Coke commercial and Beyoncé's Pepsi commercial. Now, who does it better?[AdAge]


Cheers to… Candice Glover, who is reportedly the best performer to ever grace the American Idol stage.[Rolling Stone]