Pumpkins, Rutabagas Top Dangerous Produce List

Two-thirds of kitchen accidents happen around root vegetables


Forget the boiling water or 12-inch cleaver — the most dangerous thing in your kitchen might be a turnip.

According to UPI, most serious home accidents occur in the kitchen, and a British safety expert said tens of thousands of people each year have to go to the emergency room for cuts sustained while cooking.

A recent survey for the U.K.'s National Safety Week revealed that two-thirds of kitchen injuries resulted from trying to prepare difficult-to-cut produce like squash, turnips, rutabagas, and pumpkins, The Telegraph reports.

The pumpkin topped the "most dangerous" list, with rutabagas coming in second. Two in five respondents said they'd cut themselves while trying to imitate the fancy-pants knife skills of TV chefs.

"Preparing hard root vegetables is something better left to the professionals," said David Buttress, managing director of Just-Eats, the online takeout service that administered the survey. "If it’s a choice between laying down the potato peeler for a night and a trip to the hospital waiting room — I know which I’d choose.”

But if you still feel like living life on the edge, try some of our best recipes for root vegetables... if you dare.