Prosciutto-Wrapped Twix Bar Pleases Many, Angers Some

Uncle Barry’s Bar in Park Slope, New York, offers a deliciously controversial sweet and savory treat

When bar nuts and Chex Mix are no longer a thrill, pop over to Uncle Barry’s Bar in Park Slope, N.Y., for the ultimate sweet and savory treat: prosciutto-wrapped Twix bars.

This one-of-a-kind snack is a step up from the more common bacon-wrapped treat (like these Chocolate Bacon-Wrapped Dates and Bacon-Wrapped Pears), but it’s much easier to put together and just as tasty. Uncle Barry’s wraps a thinly sliced piece of prosciutto around a mini Twix bar and pops in a toothpick to hold it all together.

Owners Jake Trebach and Josh Ellis are the masterminds behind this new and improved candy bar. Trebach came up with the idea to wrap a Snickers bar with thinly sliced proscuitto, but Ellis insisted they use Twix instead for that extra crunch. And voilà! Heaven in a bite.

Ellis tells The Daily Meal that the prosciutto Twix has always been a hot menu item at $3 a pop (it's been around for a year, but Gothamist just recently featured it). And despite pork-dessert lovers, there has been a fair share of criticism. According to Ellis, "Some online comments say it’s yet another culinary abomination in a long line of hipster-influenced cuisine in Brooklyn. We find this funny, because getting worked up over a snack is pretty stupid."