The Proper Cocktail Glass Primer

These days, mixologists are taking inventive liberties and straying from the strict rules of cocktails past and experimenting with new variations and serving styles. Classic drinks like the Manhattan are being shaken and strained into rocks glasses, as the snifters that grandfathers sipped Brandy out of while smoking cigars are being filled with decadent dessert cocktails.

With all of the current creativity in the cocktail world, the delicious concoctions being developed, with their bright, skewered garnishes and fragrant aromas, are sure to satisfy regardless of whether they're served in a Mason jar or an elegant flute. But, picking the proper cocktail glass can only heighten the experience.

Preparing cocktails at home can seem intimidating when you don't have the glass that a recipe requires, but luckily we're here to help. With our informative slideshow, you will be well-equipped to make some artistic and creative decisions of your own.

In addition to listing the most common and versatile glasses, we've included both classical and new-age approaches to using them. Test out the recipes that we've suggested or experiment with some of your own.


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