Potatopia To Open In New York's West Village

Potatopia, an upcoming West Village restaurant "dedicated to exalting the potato," is marking the days until their opening in June. To get New Yorkers excited about the new opening, they are turning to a fun campaign to give diners have the chance to win a free signature meal.

Although their menu is only based off of three different potatoes (russet, red bliss, and jumbo yam), Potatopia has an array of potato-based options for diners to choose from. Dishes can be prepared nine different ways and customized with toppings and a variety of house-made sauces, or diners can opt for one of the reliable signature dishes to feast on (they haven't announced exactly what those preparations will be, so we'll have to use our imagination for now).

Now that their opening is about a month away, Potatopia is hosting a little game of window trivia to give their future customers a chance to win a free signature dish. A different potato-based multiple choice trivia question will be posted in the windows of their soon-to-open shop every week. During the restaurant's opening week in June, customers will receive a card in the store, fill out all of their answers, and if their answers are correct, they will win a free signature meal.

So far, the questions have been pretty straightforward. These two questions have appeared in the windows:

-Which food has the most potassium, a glass of milk, a banana, or a potato?

-Which food has the least amount of carbs, a potato, a banana, or pizza?.

We think we can figure out the correct answers pretty easily.

If you want to participate in this tuber trivia, their shop is located on 6th Ave and Waverly Place.

Skyler Bouchard is a junior writer at the Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter at @skylerbouchard.