Potato Salad Like You've Never Had Before

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The Culinary Content Network shares some exciting potato salad recipes
Blue Potato Salad
Lynda Balslev

This Blue Potato Salad with Fresh Mustard and Baby Fennel by Lynda Balslev is sure to be the center of attention at any summer cookout.

What is for dinner? That's a question every home cook asks each week, and the members of the Culinary Content Network are always here to help. Potato salad is de facto fare for hot summer cookouts, and we've rounded up some innovative takes on the summer side dish. Here are some highlights.

If you get lucky at the farmers' market and find some fresh mustard leaves, definitely try Lynda Balslev's Blue Potato Salad with Fresh Mustard and Baby Fennel. It's as delicious as it is visually striking. Balslev is the author of TasteFood. (Photo courtesy of Lynda Balslev)

The Devil's Food Advocate has a Smoked Potato Salad that goes perfectly with some grilled spicy sausage. (Photo courtesy of thedevilsfoodadvocate.com)

Katie Clark, author of Clarks Condensed, has the Ultimate Bacon and Parmesan Potato Salad. Need we say more? (Photo courtesy of Katie Clark)

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