Port as Cocktail Mixer

Noval BLACK Port inspires 3 cocktails from PDT mixologist Jim Meehan.
Port as Cocktail Mixer

Need a little inspiration for using Port that doesn't involve an oh-so-predictable cheese pairing? Good — the creators of a new Port called Noval BLACK thought so too.

From the long-established and esteemed Quinta Do Noval Port house in the Douro Valley, this new product is an attempt at giving the fortified wine an image makeover. Made using their vineyards' top fruit, the blend is aged for an average of three years in wood and bottled (in a non-traditional, sleek black number) when ready to drink. Also in step with the goal of making a Port that appeals to a younger, wider audience is a very reasonable price tag ($22/750ml bottle).

To be sure, this fruity, nicely balanced Port makes a great stand-alone apéritif or after-dinner drink, but mixologist Jim Meehan of New York's PDT conceived a different behind-the-bar application: as a base for cocktails. Check out these warm weather-ready drink recipes to discover the impressive versatility of this sweet wine.



Meehan's take on the classic Pimms Cup is a well-crafted balance of sweet fruit and refreshing citrus.


BLACK 'n' Stormy

The naturally good pairing of the port with Gosling's Black Seal Rum inspired Meehan to create this adaption on a Dark 'n' Stormy.



This variation on a type of Sangria called The Besty Ross blends the Port with cognac and Champagne.