Popular Diet Method Not So Healthy?

Low-carb high fat diets parallel the increase in high cholesterol in recent years

Low-carb, high-fat diets have been making waves in recent years as a popular way to diet and lose weight. After a 25-year observational study on the diets of 140,000 people in Sweden, it has been shown that these popular diets parallel with certain health risks.

Throughout the 25 years, many factors were taken into consideration and tracked including nutrient intake, body weight, height, and serum cholesterol. In addition to tracking these factors, the researchers watched for trends among the 140,000 that would correlate with one another.

Many trends were observed and the researchers noted a correlation between one’s fat intake and the aforementioned factors. From 1986 to 2004, cholesterol levels decreased among the people in the study, and remained flat until 2007. After 2007, cholesterol levels started to increase while carb intake decreased and fat intake rose.

This coincided with the increasing popularity of the “Low-Carb, High-Fat” diet. Due to the timing of the cholesterol increase and decrease, the changes coincided with the change of nutrient intake, such as low-carb high fat, and higher carb lower fat.  

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