The Popsicle Maker: It's More Useful Than You Think

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On these scorching summer days, how often do your children (or you) cry out for something sweet and refreshing to survive the heat?  You can round up the troops and head to the nearest ice cream shop, or with this valuable tool, just pop open the freezer for a healthy and delicious homemade treat. Add a popsicle maker to your summer entertaining collection such as the Norpro Popsicle Maker, available at Sears for only about $20.

Fill with yogurt (or Greek yogurt for extra protein) fresh fruit of choice, and countless flavoring combinations such as vanilla, lemon, or cinnamon, and save for a hot day or a midnight snack minus the guilt. For a basic recipe to begin with, head here. Your kids will have no idea that they're eating something good for them, and you will be bursting with pride. This tool is also perfect for a make-ahead treat so your summer BBQ as they are handheld and stress-free.

So pick up this tool at your local market and explore the possibilities for you, your family, or your next party.