Poor Drive-Thru Workers Get a Headless Customers

Another prank on these now-seasoned workers

We hate to keep posting these videos of drive-thru pranks from Magic of Rahat, but honestly, the reactions are always worth a couple of minutes off work.

This time around the YouTube magician goes around drive-thrus without a head. For real. We don't even know how he did it, because the proportions all look right. Someone please enlighten us!

In the meantime, seasoned drive-thru workers who have either seen this guy around before, or seen the YouTube videos (seriously, dude, get some new haunts) are a bit more reserved in their reactions, usually just jumping away from the window once they see the gruesome neck. Best reactions obviously include "Where yo head at!?" as well as "I don't wanna cuss right now but come look!"  We especially like the girl who just throws the chicken nuggets, yelling, "Take those nuggets! Take the change!"

Watch the full supercut of reactions below, although we do miss "Instagram dat joint!"


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