How To Annoy A Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian isn't really all that hard, especially if you live in a city with great produce. But of course, those who choose to go vegetarian frequently get questioned by multiple people, often with the same inquiries.

So naturally, BuzzFeed created this useful video to help you not be as annoying to your vegetarian friends. Questions include: For real? (Correct answer: Yes.) What about fish? (Nope, that's Pescatarian.) Is there anything here you can eat? (Probably, at least a salad.) Don't you miss meat? (Eh.) How can you not eat bacon? It's bacon. (Faux bacon.) If you were stranded on a desert island and the only thing there was meat, would you eat it? (Well, Pi in Life of Pi did, so...)

Watch below as multiple people reenact the most annoying questions to vegetarians. We'll admit, we're guilty of some of these, too. But the most annoying one has got to be, "Oh look they have french fries. You can eat that right?" Usually, the answer is yes, unless they're fried in duck fat.