Planning a Vacation? Go to the World's Happiest Country — Denmark

New 'World Happiness Report' ranks Scandinavian places as happiest in the world

A view of Copenhagen, Denmark; Denmark was named the "happiest country" in the world by a new report.

Trying to decide where to go next on your travels? The first-ever World Happiness Report makes the decision easy: Denmark.

The report, published by Columbia University, showed that Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands scored the highest in a "life evaluation score." It looked at people's health, family life, and job security as factors. On a scale from 1 to 10, the average score of the Scandinavian countries was a 7.6.

If based on food alone, the survey results still wouldn't be too surprising. Copenhagen, the capital region of Denmark, is home to 14 Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as Noma and René Redzepi, the chef behind one of the highest-ranked restaurants in the world. (If Food & Wine's Dana Cowin is going, we know it's good.) On top of that, Copenhagen's known for its coffee shops, beers, and Nordic food.

BBC breaks down why the world should be looking to Copenhagen as a leader in sustainability; the capital consumes more organic food per capita  than any other region. In short, we're ready to book our flight. The only downside? The fat tax.