From Plain-Jane To Sexy

Sure, I scream, you scream. But when it comes to ice cream, do you ever find your inner aesthete wishing for a way to just dress it up a bit? Me too. So I've come up with a super simple serving suggestion that will make your dinner party guests "Ooh" and "Ahh." My chocolate abstracts.

Making these edible decorations is crazy easy: You're just melting chocolate in the microwave, letting it cool a bit, and then squeezing it into fun shapes on parchment paper. A couple hours in the freezer and you've got an artsy accessory to transform even the simplest of desserts into a stone-cold, sexy treat. Feel free to use your favorite ice cream flavor, and for extra-frosty fabulousness, freeze martini or rocks glasses for serving. At the table, add a splash of Amaretto or a drizzle of my Homemade Cherry Syrup for another layer of festive flavor. (Photo courtesy of William Geddes)

Click here to see the Ice Cream with Amaretto and Chocolate Abstracts recipe.