Pizza Hut Realizes Presidential Debate Deal Was Just Wrong

They've decided to just randomly choose a winner, instead of getting somebody to prank the presidential debates this Tuesday

Looks like Pizza Hut is pulling out of the election debates; the pizza company has rescinded its offer to give $15,600 (or 30 years worth of a pizza a week) to anyone who asks Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, "Sausage or pepperoni?" during the town hall presidential debates tomorrow.

Last week, Pizza Hut announced the contest, hoping a pizza lover might prank the nationally broadcasted debate at Hofstra University. Instead, social media and blogs are calling out the brand for making fun of the election process. "What could be more American than using our electoral process for product placement?" Stephen Colbert asked on his show.

A Pizza Hut representative claimed that the majority of the feedback was positive, but too many people got excited about the idea of free pizza, so they moved the contest online.

Now, the company encourages everyone to answer the question online, plus include their email addresses and zip codes. A winner will be chosen at random, and if somebody does decide to embarrass themselves on live TV by asking the candidates the question, two prizes will be awarded. Nice save there.


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