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It's been one of the most tiring presidential elections to date — if you're making 4-year-olds cry, it's probably too much — and we're ready to celebrate the end with a cocktail or two. As the results start coming in tonight, we already have your cocktails planned: the Republican cocktail party and the Democrat cocktail party. (Not to be too...
Election-weary voters in need of a vacation can take some inspiration from U.S. presidents past and present by traveling like the president. While you can’t book a stay at John F. Kennedy’s favorite spot — the Kennedy Compound in Cape Cod, Mass. — you can dine like the Clintons, who often frequented Martha’s Vineyard during their presidential...

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The main reason most of us are close with our friends is because we have things in common with them. We may have the same hobbies, location, jobs, etc., but there are certain "off the table" topics — religion, politics, and morals — that can be serious friendship deal-breakers during the heat of a conversation or argument.  If you heed one piece...
Will Ferrell
When Will Ferrell isn't traipsing around Milwaukee hawking Old Milwaukee beer and doing manly things like catching fish with his bare hands, he's asking you to vote. He'll even dance for you and cook you dinner (dinner and a show anyone?). While other celebrities promoting voting for President Obama may just spout off patriotic sentiments and be...
Back at the first presidential debate and subsequent drinking game (which feels like a long, bad hangover now), we shared some inspired cocktails for the states everyone has been watching all election cycle long: the swing states. Now, we share even more recipes for you crazy voters out there.  Click here for the Swing State Cocktail Slideshow...
One day left to go, and you're probably nauseated thinking about what other food poll could possibly be used to determine the results of the presidential election tomorrow. Beerjobber pitted beers against each other to call Obama the winner, and the president is still winning the 7-Eleven coffee cup war, the BGR Obama burger poll, and the ...

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