Pizza Delivery Man Pranked by 'Secret Society'

He took it all in stride

File this under "April Fools pranks to pull this year." San Diego, Calif., photographer Tim King decided to host a special type of party for his birthday this year, hosting a small get-together in his house. Even better? They pulled off a benign but hilarious prank on the pizza delivery guy.

"I decorated my place with tea lights and candelabras — and prepared monk robes for everyone to wear as if it were a ‘secret society meeting’," King wrote on his blog. "I also filled my refrigerator with 40s of beer as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do."

Then, he apparently ran across some animal masks, had everyone don the masks and robes, and ordered some pizza. "We all put on the masks, and my friend Rich had the genius idea to play the Pandora station for 'chanting monks,'" he wrote. The Hoboken pizza guy showed up, and took everything in stride. "This looks awesome... don't know if I wanna come in but I will anyways.... holy sh*t," he says. In the end, he even played the part, asking, "Who's going to put their print on this receipt?" and leaving them with, "Have a bountiful feast." Watch the entire prank below, and remember to whip this out for Halloween, too.