Pixar Swaps Broccoli for Peppers for Inside Out in Japan

Inside Out’s Japanese release stars a different vegetable
Inside Out Broccoli


Pixar replaced broccoli with green peppers for the Japanese-language release of Inside Out.

Kids in the U.S. are not known for being big fans of broccoli, but in Japan it is apparently more common for children to hate green peppers, so when Pixar released its new movie, Inside Out, in Japan, they did some editing to switch vegetables.

According to Rocket News 24, in the original version of Inside Out, the film’s 11-year-old protagonist, Riley, faces several plates of broccoli throughout the film. To viewers in the U.S., broccoli is a familiar vegetable that many people remember being pressured to eat by their parents. Broccoli is not so common in Japanese home cooking, though, so Pixar was reportedly concerned about how the broccoli issue would play in Japan.

In Japan it is apparently green peppers that occupy that “thing my parents forced me to eat” place in people’s memories, so for Inside Out’s Japanese release Pixar not only changed the dialogue but actually went back and edited all the plates of broccoli in the movie into plates of green peppers for the version of the film that has been dubbed into Japanese.


Moviegoers in Japan who opt to see the movie in its original English with Japanese subtitles, however, will still see broccoli..