Japan's New Brain Ramen Is Perfect For College Students, Zombies

College students and broke zombies will rejoice, because a weird new food collaboration from Japan has resulted in "brain ramen," the pink ramen that looks like brains.


According to Sora News 24, this particular novelty food came about because someone decided that a brick of dried ramen noodles looks sort of like a brain. The only thing keeping it from really looking like a brain was the color, so they figured they might as well make it pink and really drive home the cerebral theme. The pink brain noodles come dried in a brick, just like any instant ramen, and they have a flavor packet to make "brain broth." Brain broth tastes like miso and salt broth, and the noodles stay nice and pink and brainy after they're cooked.


The brain ramen comes from Village Vanguard, a quirky Japanese novelty shop that sells wacky things like backpacks that look like steak, so a bowl of ramen that looks like brains will fit right in with their other merchandise, especially the soup-scented bath powder.


The brain ramen is available online from Village Vanguard, and it sells for 400 yen, or $3.60 per package.


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