Staten Island Expressway Filled With Pineapples

Pineapples stopped traffic for hours

Traffic on the Staten Island Expressway was stopped this morning by a sea of spilled pineapples.

Commuters on the Staten Island Expressway had a terrible morning of it today when traffic was reduced to a standstill after thousands of pineapples were spilled across the eastbound lanes.

According to Gothamist, sometime around 5:43 a.m. this morning a car and a tractor-trailer were in an accident on the expressway. One driver was reportedly taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but the accident caused the tractor-trailer to overturn and dump a sea of tropical fruit across all the eastbound lanes.

Several drivers commented that it was the worst traffic they had ever seen on the Staten Island Expressway, with one saying it was a complete standstill for more than 20 minutes. The lucky drivers who got to see the cause of the delays were at least treated to an amusing sight.

“There’s pineapples all over the Staten Island expressway,” announced one proud Twitter user, who goes by the handle @L3XKLUK.

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The pineapples were reportedly cleared up enough that traffic could resume sometime before noon. It’s unclear what happened to all the delicious fruit, but check out some of our best pineapple recipes for some ideas of what a person could do if one happened to find a bunch of pineapples that fell off the back of a truck.