Pimp Out Your Popcorn

From toffee almond to bright pink, these recipes take the classic treat to the next level

There’s nothing quite so perfect as a bowl of fresh-popped popcorn on a lazy night in. Whether you’re whipping it up for a movie night with friends, creating a party treat to snack on, or making gifts for your neighbors or hosts, these incredible popcorn recipes will pimp out your popcorn, turning it into a truly indulgent treat that's easy to put together in a couple minutes.

Make your popcorn the main event at any movie night. 

From Buffalo ranch popcorn to savory bacon popcorn (not to mention a bright pink popcorn for Legally Blonde lovers), grab yourself a bag of kernels and get ready.

You’re sure to find a new favorite among these hand-picked recipes that will be perfect for movie nights for any crowd, whether you're watching Clueless or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Our personal favorite would be the white chocolate popcorn, paired with a viewing of When Harry Met Sally.

Click through our slideshow to check out these pimped-out popcorn recipes.

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— Brooke McLay, Babble