Philippe Chow Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Chinese eatery brings high end ethnic cuisine to the 90210
Credit: Philippe Chow

The menu at Philippe Chow in Beverly Hills is extensive and full of variety.

After working at Mr. Chow in New York for over two decades, Chinese chef Philippe Chow moved across the country and opened his own Asian fusion restaurant on Melrose. A year ago this November, the location moved to Beverly Hills, and Philippe Chow is now a 5,000-square-foot upscale Chinese restaurant.

Their trademark interior of red leather stools and black leather chairs remains the same, along with a front cocktail lounge featuring an open noodle kitchen and a long bar. Diners can choose to eat in the main dining room or, for more intimate gatherings, one of three private dining rooms.

The menu is extensive and full of variety, offering many vegetarian options as well as meat and fish dishes. Highlights include the wok-fried mayonnaise prawns, chicken, beef, and shrimp satays, hand-pulled noodles, wok-fried pork dumplings, nine-seasons spicy prawns, crispy duck, and sweet and sour pork.

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