Pesticide Alert: The Dirtiest Foods You’re Probably Eating

Find out which fruits and vegetables you should always buy organic

In general, when you’re planning to eat the skin of a fruit or vegetable, try to buy an organic variety. (Photo: Flickr/nataliemaynor)

Bad news for French-fry aficionados: potatoes were found to have more pesticides by weight than any other fruit or vegetable. Sweet potatoes, however, have relatively few pesticides.

(Credit: Flickr/Graibeard)

If you can’t find organic celery, consider substituting another vegetable instead. After being tested by the Environmental Working Group (a non-profit organization that focus on public health and the environment), celery was ranked the fourth “dirtiest” produce with as many as 13 different pesticide residues.

(Credit: Flickr/TheDeliciousLife)

Buy grapes (and grape-derived produces like raisins and wine) in organic varieties if you can. According to a list compiled by the Environmental Working Group  grapes are the third highest in pesticides.

(Credit: Flickr/USDA)

Strawberries are also notoriously full of pesticides. One report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that a single strawberry tested positive for 13 different pesticides. Stick to organic strawberries whenever possible.

(Credit: Flickr/Sharon Mollerus)

Apples almost always top the list of “dirtiest” produce (fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue); 98 percent test positive for pesticide residue. Whether you’re buying apples, applesauce, or apple juice, always go organic.

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