Personalized Cocktail Glasses

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You know the situation. You're in a room with over 20 people, and you're each drinking red wine from the same exact wine glass. Two of you put your glass down to get a piece of cheese, or set your glasses down on the coffee table before sitting. Next thing you know, you can't tell which glass is which.

Sound familiar?

While some companies already offer fun cocktail glass markers (Vacu Vin's suction-cup markers come in quirky little shapes with names like "Sneaky" or "Macho," and are suitable for any kind of glass), you don't have to go out shopping  to find a solution. The more creative — and cost-effective — alternative would be to create your own.

Basic Beaded Charm:

The simplest way to mark wine glasses. However, this method is limiting, as you can only mark glasses that have stems. If you're hosting a large party, it can also be difficult to come up with enough different color combinations with three beads. Nor can we help you if your guests drink a little too much and forget what color combination is theirs.

What you need  :   Silver-plated hoops, three beads (offer a variety of colors so people can mix and match; it also helps create more color combinations) with a hole large enough to comfortably string on the hoop.

How to: If you get the rings with the little locking loop, assembling these charms is easy. Just open it up and slide the beads on. Hook around wine glass stem.


Picture Charm:

Personalize your wine glass with your headshot! If you have a mini Polaroid camera, attach mini pictures of each of your quests to a hoop. Who knew Polaroid cameras could be so helpful?

What you need: Mini Polaroid camera and film, silver-plated hoops, hole punch.

How to: Snap a shot of each of your guests when they arrive. Once the film develops, punch one corner of the image, and hook it through the hoop. Affix to wine glass.


Decorate-Your-Own Tags:

Let your guests be a little creative and make their own drink tags. You can choose how creative you want them to get, from simple marker designs, to more elaborate glitter or bedazzled creations, through what materials you offer.

What you need: Round tags, silver-plated hoops, markers. Optional: Glitter, gemstones, etc.

How to: Decorate your tag as you wish. Affix the loop on the tag to the hoop, then affix to glass.


Paper-Punched Tags:

If you're hosting a holiday party, why not punch out Christmas Tree-shaped tags that you can write each guest's name on in advance? At other times of the year, choose a different shaped punch for a similar tag.

What you need: Silver-plated hoopstree-shaped paper punch, heavier-weight paper (preferably green), markers, hole punch.

How to: Punch out trees, and then punch a hole at the top of each tree. Write your guests' names on each tag, then string each tree on the hoops. Affix to wine glass.



For the most inexpensive solution, arm each of your guests with a permanent marker and a glass made of glass — or a ceramic mug if you're serving something hot — and let them personalize their mug or glass with their own design. Don't worry, permanent marker will come off of glass with acetone nail polish remover, and it will come off of mugs with a good wash with soap and water (or the dishwasher).

What you need: Permanent markers (the more colors, the better), glass glasses, ceramic mugs.

How to: Think back to grade school. It's as easy as drawing.