Perfect Ramp And Eggs And More Recipes

Check out our editors picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

NY Mag
New bamboo shoots are easily available this time of year, and perfect in this sukiyaki recipe.

LA Times
Burnt orange honey butter sounds like it'll be excellent on any type of carbs, but biscuits just puts it over the top.

NY Times
Ramps, eggs, and cheese? This might be the best omelette ever.

These cookies, a mix between a cookie and sweet roll, are adorable when shaped like pigs.

Chicago Tribune
You can't go wrong with homemade pierogis.

Seattle Times
Take advantage of fresh seafood with this balsamic-glazed scallop recipe.

Kitchen Daily
Three words: Bourbon. Bacon. Pancakes.

Portland Press Herald
Try a play on peas and peashoots with this recipe of lemony peas, tomatoes, and pea shoots.

Washington Post
Five billion things to do with leftover balsamic vinegar (not really 5 billion, but plenty).

Wall Street Journal
Let watercress shine in two salad recipes, either with avocado and fennel, or roasted cauliflower.