Perfect Flower Arrangements For Every Soirée

There are cookbooks, entertaining books, and even cocktail books — and then there's this amazing book that recently ended up in our laps. Behold, The Flower Recipe Book, a definite must for every serious host or hostess. This book's authors, Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo, best friends and founders of Studio Choo in San Francisco, are all about making photo-shoot-worthy centerpieces achievable for the home entertainer.

The book, which lists arrangements alphabetically by easy-to-find flowers, creates a glossary of arrangements that are fit for any occasion. It also lists a buying guide and a perfect primer on how to care for flowers.If that's not enough, we had Harampolis and Rizzo share their favorite "recipes" for flower arrangements and what occasions they will be best for this summer.

Here's what they had to say:

The best arrangement for an outdoor wedding: "Poppy Recipe 3"

Harampolis and Rizzo say: Poppies are a great choice for a backyard wedding because they can be easily grown in your own yard, or bought from a local store, and their bright colors and shapes pair well with other summer blooming stems.

The best arrangement for a dinner party: "Ranunculus Recipe 2"

Harampolis and Rizzo say: Vintage cans be filled with culinary herbs and blooms for a simple rustic look. To go a step further, you can also use the same herb in a drink or recipe to unify the theme.

The best arrangement for your home: "Dahlia Recipe"

Harampolis and Rizzo say: In our homes we love to showcase a few of our favorite stems to use in vintage bottles and containers. A simple collection of one flower type can be all you need to make a statement and it only takes a few minutes.