Paula Deen Dropped By The Food Network

It's been a rough week for Paula Deen.

In a deposition transcript that was released earlier this week stemming from her being sued over discrimination in the workplace, she admitted to having used racial slurs and having otherwise made her restaurant a very difficult place to work, like tolerating racist jokes and condoning pornography. Then on Friday she released a teary video statement apologizing for her actions, and stood up Matt Lauer, who had scheduled a heavily-promoted Today Show interview with her.

But now, in the biggest blow to her career yet, The Food Network today announced that it would not renew Deen's contract when it expires at the end of June, The New York Times reports.

Deen has come under fire in the past, most notably in January of 2012 when she admitted that she had Type 2 diabetes on the very same day that she accepted a lucrative endorsement deal from a diabetes drug. Her high-fat, high-calorie cooking approach has also been the subject of lots of scorn for its promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Food Network has stuck by her in the past through thick and thin, however this was apparently the final straw.

Well, she always has her new line of butter to fall back on.