Paula Deen to Anthony Bourdain: 'Don’t cry for me, honey'

In response to Bourdain, Deen reveals her new dietary habits, says she's 'blessed'

After Anthony Bourdain blasted Paula Deen, butter lover and diabetes-2 spokesperson, last month, it's about time the chef in heated debate shared her side. An interview with Prevention showed Deen's new attitude towards food, plus a side note to Bourdain: "Don’t cry for me, honey. Don’t cry for me. God has blessed me unbelievably."

Beyond the harsh words to Bourdain, Deen shared her new eating habits; now, she's learned to cut her portion sizes and load up on the veggies. She told Prevention, "I'm just trying to rearrange my meals—low on the starches and carbs and a bigger pile of things that are almost free for you to eat." And instead of going for the Vidalia sandwich (made with the onions, mayo, salt and pepper), she instead loaded the onions into a salad and made her own low-fat ice cream for one meal.

Although Deen played off Bourdain's "very cruel" comment, she said there were no hard feelings about Kristen Wiig's sketch of her on Saturday Night Live. After professing her love for Wiig, she said, "I never miss an opportunity to laugh, even if it’s at myself. I need to send her a thank you note." Right after she professed her desire to be on the show -- who knows, the queen of butter just might be lighting up our late-night TV after all.