Croissants In Paris Are About To Get A Lot More Expensive For The Most Annoying Reason

Croissants are delicious and flaky, in large part because they contain a ton of butter. Croissant recipes vary from baker to baker, but there's a good chance that any decent croissant is at least 25 percent butter, and that's causing serious problems for the bakers of France, where the price of butter has skyrocketed during the past year. Now the French federation of bakers is trying to prepare customers for some sticker shock if they have to raise the prices of everybody's daily croissants.


According to The Local, since May of last year the price of butter has jumped from €3, or $3.36, to €5.37, or about $6 per kilogram. Considering how much butter goes into croissants, the price of croissants could soon increase accordingly.


The French federation of bakers say the rising butter prices are being caused by a milk shortage, and they say that cheese and cream are seen as more of a priority than butter, so those products are getting more of the milk and the butter just keeps getting more expensive.


"These levels of prices have never been seen," said federation spokesperson Armelle Favre.


The bakers are asking the French dairy industry to prioritize butter to help lower prices, and it's also calling for increased prices on croissants sold to large distributors. Increasing the prices to distributors would mean an increase in price for customers, too, so unless the price of butter suddenly drops significantly, those French pastries could get see a price hike sometime soon.


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