Easter Peeps

Pancake-Flavored Peeps Are Real, and You Can Buy Them Right Now

Peeps taste like pancakes now, so you might as well eat them for breakfast
Easter Peeps

Someone needs to put the new pancake-flavored Peeps in some actual pancakes

When restaurants and food manufacturers want to make something bonkers, one of the most reliable ways to do that is to just add Peeps. Last year alone, Nabisco came out with Peeps-flavored Oreo cookies, complete with pink, marshmallow-flavored cream filling, Black Tap came out with an outrageous Easter milkshake topped with fudge-dipped Peeps, and the “Peepza,” a pizza covered in melted Peeps, drove the Internet into a fury. Now Peeps are getting into the food-fusion fun, too, and they’re coming out with a new type of Peep that tastes like pancakes and maple syrup.

According to Moneyish’s Jeanette Settembre, the new Pancakes and Syrup peeps are exclusively being sold at Kroger supermarkets, and they’re available now for $1.25 for a pack of 10.

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“Whether you enjoy them for breakfast or as a special treat at any time of the day, Peeps Pancakes & Syrup flavored marshmallow chicks are a delicious, one-of-a-kind taste sensation that you won’t want to miss,” the Peeps website boasts.

Eating Peeps for breakfast sounds pretty wild, even if they are flavored like pancakes and syrup. But Peeps have always been appealing in large part because they lend themselves to absurdity. They’re bird- and rabbit-shaped marshmallows covered in colored sugar, and people love using them for ridiculous games like seeing how many of them can be stuffed in a person’s mouth at the same time, or microwaving them to make giant, Godzilla-esque Peeps. So why not make them taste like pancakes and syrup? Pancakes are wonderful, and pancake-flavored Peeps are hilarious. For more breakfast deliciousness, here’s where to find the best pancakes in every state.

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