Our 15 Favorite Wedding And Party Planning Apps

From birthday parties to holiday parties, brunches to dinners for two, and bridal showers to the big day itself, planning a party can be a stressful affair. No matter how large or small, formal or informal the gathering will be, there's a lot to do — guests to invite! menus to plan! shopping to do! — on top of your busy everyday schedule.

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Luckily, the digital age has provided us with hundreds of apps dedicated to organization and party planning, and we've narrowed the selection down to 15 of our favorites. These apps will help you stay organized from the moment you conceive your next party until you send out the thank-you notes afterward.

We've highlighted a couple of apps that are all-inclusive, like Pro Party Planner and Simple Soirée Party Planner, that cover all the aspects of your event, from to-do lists and seating plans to inspiration and guest lists. Other apps are more specialized, like Speakeasy Cocktails, which will teach you to prepare a host of drinks for you and your guests, and KitchenPad Timer, which will help you choreograph the production of getting all of the dishes out to the table at the same time.

Some of the apps are wedding-specific, designed to help you plan your big day. Appy Couple, for example, creates a personalized wedding website that syncs with the app and provides your guests with all of the details they'll need, from dress code to RSVPs and who's who in the wedding party, and allows them to share the photos they take that day.

But most of the apps featured here will be helpful to anyone planning any kind of party: the most important thing is that you stay organized, whether you're choosing a wine, creating a seating arrangement, or just trying to get dinner on the table.

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