Organic And Original Wedding Cake Ideas

Hurray for cake! Whether or not you make it yourself, your cake is your chance to show your creative side. You can opt for something fanciful and playful, an homage to an animal theme perhaps. Or, go for something simple and elegant, with clean modern lines. If you're making the cake at home, give yourself plenty of time to experiment. Wedding cakes are much harder to make than they look! Here are some ideas for a stunning, creative masterpiece: the capstone of your perfect wedding day.

Bright and Beautiful with Locally Grown Flowers

Adding colorful flowers to your cake's tiers is an easy and economical way to dress up your dessert. Plain tiered cakes are dramatically less expensive than their decorated cousins but they don't look that way adorned with pretty flowers.

Frozen Sorbet Bombe

We can all thank Martha Stewart for these incredible organic sorbet cakes. I've never seen anything like them!  They're sculptural, almost architectural, and so colorful to boot. All you need is some store-bought organic sorbet. You can make your own with ice and fruit if you've got the time but it's a little tricky getting the consistency firm enough for molding. Once you've got the sorbet, use cake molds to shape it, stack it, and you're done!

Eco Tiers with Fruit

Instead of stacking your tiers directly on top of each other, use apples to give your cake depth, height, and character. Apples are particularly appropriate for autumn weddings, when the delicious, crispy fruit is in season. It's important to get organic local apples though, since the skin is so thin, pesticides can easily leach into the fruit. If you like the idea of using fruit but also want to have a traditional tiered cake, try using the fruit as a pretty decoration, like in the image below.

Multiple Smaller Cakes

If you've got choosy guests, want to make the cakes yourself, or want to make it a group effort, you can sidestep a lot of the fuss by serving several smaller cakes. With multiple cakes, you can try your hand at a variety of decorating techniques, from piping to frosting flowers to sugar sculptures. If you make a mistake on one cake, you have plenty of other ones to stand in its place.