Omelettes Made In A Ziploc Bag

When hosting a brunch party, the last thing a host or hostess wants to do is slave over the stove preparing customized omelettes for the guests. Just the thought of the constant demand of perfecting the egg-flip and making sure the preparation is both seamless and timely makes us quiver with anxiety. Well, open your eyes to omelettes in a bag, and never stress about a brunch party menu again.

This revolutionary idea consists of passing out large Ziploc bags to your guests with two to three eggs in each, and allowing them to fill them with add-ins of their choice, from meats to cheeses to herbs. Instruct them to shake and mix their personalized baggies until all the ingredients are incorporated, and then all there is left to do is dip the baggies in a pot of boiling water for one to two minutes, and their perfect omelette is formed!

There is no risk of egg-breakage, no messy pans to clean — just satisfied guests who are able to customize their perfect egg dish and a proud host who has just prepared a perfect brunch with ease. So the next time you're planning a fancy brunch for friends or family, try bagging it, and see the potential.