London Olympics Bans Pimm's Cups From Wimbledon

Since Pimm's is not a sponsor of the Olympics, you'll have to get something called 'Number One'

Olympics sponsorship restrictions are seriously getting out of hand. Not only are soy sauce packets contraband in the park (since they all have brand names on them), but Pimm's Cups are also nixed from the festivities - including at Wimbledon.

"Pimm's is not a sponsor (at the London 2012 Games) but we do have a cocktail called Number One. It is very refreshing," venue media manager John Dolan told Reuters. New cocktail aside, banning Pimm's Cups is almost like banning cheap beer at baseball stadiums. Even British tennis star Andy Murray's mother joked that there's "no point going then."

Luckily, Wimbledon die-hards will still be able to eat some strawberries and cream, but we have yet to hear what this so-called refreshing Number One cocktail is made of. Anyway, if you're somehow watching the Olympics at home, you can make your own pitcher of Pimm's Cups and stick it to the man. And maybe your own french fries, too.