OK, Now We Have 'Sh*t Bartenders Say'

Oh wait, we mean 'mixologists'

First we had Sh*t Vegans Say, and then Sh*t Brides Say, and now, of course, we have Sh*t Bartenders Say. Is it time for this Internet trend to die yet?

This one is particularly insufferable because we have the classic, "Well, I really consider myself to be more of a mixologist." This is the guy who asks, "Am I the only one who gets smoke in this?" while proclaiming that sake is dead.

He's also the guy who tells his bartender, "Don't overshake that drink, you'll kill it," while bringing his own ice. And of course, while he's behind the counter, he'll kill your buzz with, "That'll be $18.50, please."

Head over to YouTube (watch out for one dirty word) for the full video.

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