No Daytime Emmys for 'The Chew' This Year

Mario Batali's ABC cooking show absent from Daytime Emmy nominations

If your Saturday night plans consist of tuning into the Daytime Emmy Awards in order to see whether or not Mario Batali will take home a trophy, we suggest thinking of other ways to spend your evening. Please forgive the spoiler, but the stars of The Chew will not be bringing any daytime award home this year.

How can we be so sure, you ask? Well, when the 39th Daytime Emmy Award nominations were announced last month on TODAY, ABC’s new culinary show was absent from the list.

The Chew, referred to by many as that show that replaced All My Children, "celebrates and explores life through food." Each episode offers nutritional insight, recipes, and personal anecdotes to an estimated 2 million viewers.

Looking at the layout of the daytime show, one could see ABC’s hopes of giving Food Network some competition. However, Food Network continued to dominate the Outstanding Culinary Program category, with Giada De Laurentiis, Paula Deen, and Sandra Lee also receiving nominations for Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Host.

Fans of The Chew shouldn’t be too worried about what the future has in store for Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly, and the rest of the gang. ABC renewed the lifestyle show for another season, making it possible for the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards to nominate a competitor for Food Network’s lineup? Or not.