Nope, You Do Not Want to Sit on That Coffee Shop Chair

It's alive!

That fast-food drive-thru pranker has some competition; another magician set up shop in Kreuzberg Café in San Luis, Obispo, Calif., in a chair prank that is just a bit more interactive than the invisible driver tidbit.

Tricky magician Rich Ferguson decided to dress up like a ton of cushions, sit down in chair frame at an unassuming coffee shop, and wait for people to sit on this comfy-looking chair. The result? Plenty of people screaming as he jumps up asking "Who sat on me?!" We're surprised he didn't get any hot coffee spilled on him (although the cushions probably would stop the coffee from burning).

Naturally, those in the know ended up tricking family members and friends to sit on said crazy chair, such as one girl who decided to bring her brother and family back to check it out. "You have to check out how comfortable this chair is," she told her brother, before ruining his childhood forever. Watch it all below.

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