Nobody Likes Green Bean Casserole

Turkey may be the main attraction at Thanksgiving dinner, but everyone knows the meal isn't complete without sides.

We asked our readers what their favorite side dish is and found that nobody voted for green bean casserole. Instead, stuffing won with 44 percent of the votes, followed by sweet potatoes (28 percent) and mashed potatoes (17 percent). Cranberry sauce received 11 percent of the votes.

Stuffing's popularity may be attributed to the endless flavor combinations cooks can try. There are stuffing recipes with bourbon and pecans, apples and balsamic, and of course, cornbread and sausage.

Green bean casserole's major loss is surprising, though, given its recent trending status on Google. Perhaps everyone has forgotten the recipe (since the dish only pops up around the holidays). Or perhaps everyone is searching for alternatives.

If you're tired of the canned-soup version of green beans, try this flavorful recipe which pairs the vegetable with country ham and salsify. For a lighter take, add lemons and walnuts instead.

And if you need any more help planning for the big day next week, check out our Thanksgiving guide.

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