No Tricks Here: Halloween Treats Gift Guide

Heading to a Halloween or harvest-themed bash? Bring the gift of fall
Jane Bruce

Be the best guest at the party and bring these festive treats.

We’re big believers in the giving gifts here at The Daily Meal because, really, who doesn’t like presents? With Halloween around the corner, swap out the usual wine and baked goods go-tos for treats that will surely please the crowd. 

Take a bite out of these Halloween bites!

What makes these gifts so festive? They’re orange-colored, chocolate-based, and have a hint of spooky.

Our guide, filled with treats perfect for recipients young and old, will make mouths water — beware: your computer screen isn’t edible. 

From pumpkin truffles from Godiva to curious cookies from Eleni’s and Harry and David’s edible house — yes, a haunted edible house — and more, we’ve got you covered on what to buy for your pals during the Halloween season! 


These are definitely not your average trick-or-treat candies — we’ve upped the ante and you should, too.